Sunday, August 5, 2012

Basic Manners Class #5--Notes

Questions/ anything class members would like to review.

Watch Me
The T position

What are the 3 parts to stay?

New Cues:
Drop It/ Give:
When teaching this cue we must be aware of possible Resource guarding: Dogs sometimes think they have a prize, or something they really like, and they want to have it.  Low level resource guarding is simple things like putting paws over the object or lowering their head over it.  High levels of resource guarding can include air snapping, growling, and biting.

Some dogs learn to guard because humans snatch things, we try and steal them from the dog.  This is not what we want.  Instead we must teach our dogs that all good things are provided by us.  We can trade whatever object they have for another object.

In order to begin teaching our dog the Drop It or Give cue, we must first learn what most motivates our dogs, what the dog values most.  What are your dog's Like It, Love It, Gotta have Its?  You can not successfully trade an object if it is less important to your dog than what he already has in his mouth.

To teach this Cue:
Give the dog a toy that is not of super high value; engage the dog in the toy.  Once the dog is holding the toy in his mouth, present or drop a treat for the dog.  When the dog releases the toy to get the treat, say Good!  Do this several times...once the dog gets the idea and the training is moving forward, add the cue AS the dog is releasing the toy from his mouth.  Always remember to add the "Good" marker word after the dog has succeeded in what you were looking for.

Loose Leash Walking:
Adding turns to loose leash walking.  Instead of just stopping and waiting for the dog to release the tension on the leash, when the dog pulls, abruptly turn your direction and keep walking.  Left, right, or about turn.

The Stay Cue
Can your dog now make it to 30 seconds?  One minute?

Questions/ Review cues upon request.

Drop It/ Give Cue
Review all cues at home and practice.  Bring any questions to next week's final class.

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