Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Ahsoka Agility

Some video from agility with Ahsoka this week.  She loves food but gets so excited in agility it doesn't always hold her attention and keep her focused on me (even the good stuff).  So today we tried the course with a toy.  She was definitely motivated, but ran back to the start looking for the toy. Oops.  She's so funny.  She had a great time!

Maui Humane Society currently has a male peacock recovering from an injury.
He is very pretty.

Saturday, January 25, 2020


We had a fun socialization for the Pug brother, Rocky & Opi'i (6 months).
Thank you to all our doggy helper friends.

Walter (4 months), Marley, Stella, & Caravaggio.

Opi'i & Rocky with Devo, Caravaggio, & Moana.

Devo, Opi'i, & Lucy.

Caravaggio, Walter, Rocky, & Stayley.

Marley, Stayley, Lucy, & Stella.

Walter (4 months) & Ahsoka.

Stayley, Opi'i, Ahsoka, & Walter.

Brothers Opi'i & Rocky with Brothers Stayley & Walter.

Ahsoka, Opi'i, Rocky & Stayley.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Maui hike

Had a fabulous day showing our visiting friend Honolua Bay & Lipoa Point.

Ahsoka at Honolulu Bay.

Lipoa Point.

Adam, Dave, & Athena.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Launiupoko Hike

Our friend, Dave, is visiting from the mainland so we took him on a little hike on the Launiupoko trail.  One trail leads out to a little wash-out river that the dogs love to jump in.  Our friend loved the hike and the beautiful views.  And of course the dogs had a blast.  Here are a few pics form the day.

Caravaggio is so handsome.

Ahsoka loves the water.

Devo is not a big water guy but loves to hike.

Adam & Dave.

Athena, Adam, & Dave.

Other fun hikes and adventures:

Olowalu Petroglyphs Hike

Launiupoko Hike (north)
Poli Poli Hike (upcountry)