Monday, January 30, 2017

Clever Pet

As a dog trainer, Clever Pet is one of the best interactive dog toys I have ever come across.  It is easy to start your pet on and automatically gets harder as your dog learns each new step.  I absolutely love this little machine.  Above is a quick video I did of our dog, Devo, and our neighbor's dog, Lucy, learning how to use the Clever Pet.  This is an interactive dog toy that I would recommend for any and all dogs.  It helps keep your dog entertained while you are away during the day.  This toy can also help dog's with separation anxiety by helping keep their mind engaged in something.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

NEW Dog Training Class

Such Good Dogs is starting a new dog training class...

Basic Manners dog training is a 6-week, one hour per week class. Each week you will learn new things to take home and practice with your dog. Handouts will be given at the end of each week and a certificate is given upon completion. Basic Manners is taught using positive reinforcement training, combined with energy balance. Classes will be held outdoors in the Kahana/ Napili area.

Basic Manners--LEVEL ONE class will be held:
Saturdays 5-6 pm (February 4th--March 11th).       

Level One:

Items covered in Basic Manners--Level One dog training class include: Food lure, marker word, no reward marker, watch me/ look, come when called, loose leash walking (how to walk properly on a leash), impulse control, sit and auto-sit, down, stand, stay, drop it, leave it, and basic socialization.

ANY dog breed of ANY age is welcome (and encouraged) to take these classes.  Your dog must be up-to-date on Parvo & Distemper shots.  Proof of these vet records is required to attend class.

Please contact Such Good Dogs to sign up:

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Athena Angelic is an Animal Behavior Certified Dog Trainer. Athena is certified in Pet First Aid & CPR through the American Red Cross, is a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and a Certified Mentor Trainer with Animal Behavior College.

Such Good Dogs offers group classes, private lessons, adventures, dog socialization, dog bootcamp, and in-home boarding.

    Monday, January 2, 2017

    Breed of the Month--Labrador Retriever

    Labrador Retriever

    Colors:  Black, yellow, chocolate
    Height:  Males: 22-24.5 inches/  Females:  21.5-23.5 inches
    Weight:  Males:  60-80 lbs/  Females:  55-70 lbs
    Life span:  10-14 years

    Breed health concerns:  hip dysplasia, retinal dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hereditary myopathy, and progressive retinal atrophy.

    Coat:  Double coat with a dense, short, straight outer coat and a water-resistant, soft undercoat.
    Country of Origin:  England

    Visit the American Kennel Club for breed standards and more information.

    This breed became very popular in the 1800s.  The English marveled at this dogs abilities:  able to work in icy waters and retrieve whatever necessary, these dogs were noted for their weather resistance and responsiveness.  The first actual kennel for Labradors was founded by the second Earl of Marlesbury, and by the late 1800s the English had begun using these dogs to develop the Flat-Coat Retriever and the breed known today as the Labrador Retriever.

    Today in both the United States and England, the Labrador Retriever has become a very popular dog.  Today there are considered to be two types of Labs:  the show type and the field type.  The show type is shorter and stockier, whereas the field type is more energetic and skinnier.

    The Labrador Retriever is willing to please, even-tempered, intelligent, affectionate, and sensible.  Labs seem to understand that children need to be treated with an extra gentle touch, but are willing to play with anyone.  Labs can be kept happy for hours with a tennis ball or toy, and are generally exceptional swimmers.  These dogs are a large breed dog.

    Labrador Retrievers are very high energy dogs and must get plenty of regular exercise.  A 10 minute walk around the block will most definitely not keep this breed happy.  The Lab must get several hours of mentally stimulating exercise daily.

    Labs must be brushed frequently; they are considered moderate to heavy shedders.  With this breeds love of swimming, it is important to keep the dogs ears clean and dry to help prevent infection.

    The Lab is one of the most highly trainable breeds.  Labs love to please and are attentive to work for their owners.  Training ability along with an excellent temperament makes this breed highly popular is the use of service dogs, police dogs, and drug-detection dogs.  Labs make excellent hunting dogs with their keen sense of smell.  Many Labs are also big stars in the dog show world and arenas of agility, tracking, flyable, and obedience.  This breed tends to love to do anything his owner is willing to participate in.