Thursday, July 26, 2018

Prairie Dog Treats Review

Check out our video review of the dog treat:  Prairie Dog Treats, Smokehouse Selections, Beef & Sweet Potato Jerky.
The dog like the beef & sweet potato flavor, I like that its healthy and affordable.  Overall I would give these treats 4 out of 5 STARS.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Kong Dotz Review

Check out our review of the Kong Dotz dog toy.

Chew toys are important for any day, but especially if you have a dog that is a heavy chewer.  Our puppy, Ahsoka, is a very heavy chewer.  She loves her toys, loves to play, and loves to chew.  Its important to try different chews with different materials and different textures for your dog.  Just because one dog loves a certain chew toy, doesn't necessarily mean that your dog will love that same toy.  
Although I do like many Kong toys, unfortunately the Kong Dotz is not one of them.  This is as product I can not recommend.  I thought at first that this toy would hold up to heavy chewing, it does not.  Plus, once your dog really gets into chewing this toy, it starts coming apart in very small pieces.  This is not a good thing as these pieces may be swallowed by your dog.  I did find a few pieces of the Kong Dotz in Ahsoka's poop.  This is really bad.  The plastic this toy is made of is definitely NOT something we want passing through our dog's body.  If the piece is large enough, it may get stuck and become an obstruction requiring surgery for your dog.  Obviously this is not something any of us want.  Therefore I must give the Kong Dotz toy a 1 our of 5 STARS.  I do not recommend this product for your dog.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Sit & Down

Teaching your new puppy Sit & Down.
For this you will use a food lure, which is basically "attaching" the dog's nose to "oh this smells good."  We can use that to lure them into many positions.  Its how we first teach most new behaviors.  

Sit:  Place the food in the dog's nose and slowly move it up and over their head.  Wait until their but hits the ground and say "Sit," followed by "Good" and a tasty treat (or other reward your dog enjoys).

Down:  First place your dog in a sit and reward.  Then place the food in the dog's nose and very slowly move it straight down to the ground.  Pause here for 1-2 seconds, then very slowly pull the food forward along the ground.  Wait until the dog's belly hits the ground then say your "Down, Good!" and reward.

Sometimes it make take several tries to get your dog to do this.  Don't get frustrated.  If you're having trouble training one of these, especially Down, and its not going well, take a break and move onto something else or play with your dog instead.  Try and always end training on a happy note.  Be patient and it will happen.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Kong Phatz Toy Review

Check out our video review of the hippo toy, Kong Phatz.

This toy is definitely NOT for heavy chewers!  Our puppy Ahsoka just turned one year old. She has always been a heavy chewer and tends to destroy toys pretty quickly.  Because of this, we did some research and purchased some new toys that are supposed to hold up to heavy chewing.  This toy definitely does not hold up.  Ahsoka completely destroyed this toy in about 2 weeks.  I would not recommend this toy.

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