Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kennel Training

In preparation for moving from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Maui, Hawaii, we have been kennel training our dogs.  It is important to get your dog familiar and comfortable with kennels before sending them on a long trip such as this.  Over the past several months we have been teaching the dogs to go into to the kennel, wait while we close the door, and lay down.  Then they must wait when we open the door, before being released out.  Remember that dog's do not generalize well, so it is important to move your training.  Although are dogs were very familiar and comfortable with their kennel's in the bedroom, they became a little skittish of them when we moved to the yard.  Practice your training in as many areas as possible so the dog will understand that this is what will happen no matter where I ask you to do it.

Our dogs are now comfortable entering, being confined, and exiting their kennels in different locations. We have now begun picking up the kennels and moving them with the dogs inside, so that they will also be used to this while traveling.  Today was the first day we actually picked them up while in the kennel.  They both freaked out at first.  We let them calm down, and then tried again.  We will be practicing this many times over the next few weeks so that when they do actually fly in their kennels, they will have no issues with strangers moving them around.

Food luring Nekita into the kennel.

Give the command, "kennel"

Always make sure the dog is waiting and calm before closing the kennel door.

Nekita calmly laying in her kennel.

Vaggy, kennel.

Caravaggio is black and hard to see inside the kennel.

Door re-opened...dogs waiting to be released.



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