Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Akona Pet Travel

So after trying to understand the many rules envolved with flying dogs to Hawaii, we started to get a little frustrated.  The paper work and all the things needed for entering Hawaii itself we had under control (LOTS of paper work...lots!), but we were having a very difficult time actually booking the dog's flights to Hawaii.  Our younger dog, Caravaggio, is part Great Dane, and therefore insanely tall.  He was too big to fly.  How is that possible?  After trying to understand the many insane airline rules and regulations and extra paper work on top of all the other paperwork, it was just too overwhelming.  I'm very happy to say that we found a fabulous company to get through all the red tape for us, Akona Pet Travel.  

Today we received the dogs' Personal Akona Pet Passport Kits.  We're just 2 weeks away from flying the dogs, so I was happy to see them arrive.  Below are some pictures of the kits sent to us, and us applying the necessary items to one of our kennels.  

Follow the directions and start your stickering!

Caravaggio even gets his picture on his kennel.

Please be gentle with my pets.

Information sheet.

Documents pouch.

Bowls and leash.

They even gave us a lei for the pups!

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