Monday, August 13, 2012

Two 3-Legged Dogs

So our dog Nekita has been somewhat of a "gateway" dog for several of our friends.  Many people have fallen in love with Nekita's sweet disposition and then decide it is time for them to find a pup of their own.  Our friends, Aaron and Laura, are two of these people.  After they both fell in love with Nekita, they started looking on line for their first dog.  Laura actually ended up finding a dog on the internet that she fell in love with.  They actually drove all the way from Minnesota to Georgia to get their new dog.  The gray fluffy dog in the pictures below is their first dog, Ursa.

Ursa has something unusually about her...she only has three legs.  The shelter in Georgia where they got her was unsure of what had exactly happened, but Ursa ended up needing to have her leg amputated.  For a 3-leggeded dog, she can sure move pretty quick.

One day while they were walking Ursa in the local park, they came across a pet adoption fair.  They stopped to talk to a lady that was holding a cute little pit bull that was up for adoption.  After telling the adoption lady their story of how they adopted Ursa, the lady put the little pit on the ground.  Surprise, surprise this dog only had 3 legs as well.  What's more crazy?  The pit puppy was missing the same leg as Ursa.  They decided it was fate, and adopted their second dog.

So these are our friend's two 3-legged dogs, Ursa and Yoshi.


Yoshi & Caravaggio


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