Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Trainer Tips--Pulling towards an object on Leash

The best way to teach your dog to walk properly on the leash without pulling is to teach your dog Loose Leash Walking (see previous post).  Properly walking a dog on a leash means the dog does not pull you; that the leash is loose.

A helpful tip to go along with this is...never let your dog pull you over to anything.  If a dog really wants to get to this tree over here and pulls you over to the tree, you just rewarded your dog for pulling.  When meeting a new dog, do not let your dog pull you over to greet.  The owner must take leadership over the dog.  We must communicate to our dogs in a way they understand.  Letting your dog pull you over to anything is rewarding them for pulling.  Don't do it!

You can see the dog pulling to get to the tree.

Notice how tight the leash is.  You do not want this!

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