Sunday, June 3, 2012

Random pit bull puppy

So my husband and I were outside sitting on our step with our dogs when two bike riders went whizzing by the corner.  Just behind, was a little dog trying to catch them.  I thought, "Hmm, that was a little odd."  Sure enough the bikers come back around the corner with the excited puppy following.  They asked if we knew the owners, we didn't know, but we did what we always do and took the pup in until we could find her home.

She was only with us for 2 days, but she certainly was a lot of fun.  She reminded me how cute puppies are and playful and fun.  But she also reminded me just how much work having a puppy can be!  Although we enjoyed having her, we were happy to send her back home when the time came.  Her and Caravaggio had a very good time together.  They played quite often.  The puppy did quite well on our walks and listened very nicely.  It seems her owners are doing a very good job with her.  She was very sweet and OH SO CUTE!!

Puppy & Athena

Dexter & the puppy

Puppy & Caravaggio

Puppy learning/playing fetch.

Puppy & Nekita

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