Monday, November 12, 2012


I am very excited to have this new client...but puppies are always fun and exciting in my book.  This is Dora, she is currently 5 months old.  Her owner is a retired stunt man and needed some help in training his new pup with some basic manners, potty training, and help draining her puppy energy.  Dora is an excellent addition to the owner's household.  He picked a pup with low energy, like himself, which is very important.  Dora has been learning her basic manners very quickly and has been improving in her potty training.  Dora is still a puppy, and puppies also learn a lot from other dogs.  My pack has helped teach her acceptable dog to dog manners many times.  Even though she is low energy, she is still a puppy and does have puppy energy as well.  Dora gets very excited meeting new people and dogs (as most puppies do), and has been taught by my pack to calm down around new dogs.  Dora also recently got some excellent lessons in how to play from other dogs that I work with.

Dora is such a sweet little girl, and very smart.  Her training is going wonderfully and she is growing up to be a great little dog.  SGDs looks forward to many new adventure outings with Dora.

SGDs with Chloe & Dora on Dora's first pack walk.

Dora & Chloe made friends right away.

I love the pack walk.
It's a great training tool for all dogs!

Dora playing in the tall grass.

Playing with toys.

I used Caravaggio to help Dora learn to walk better on leash.

Caravaggio walking Dora for me.

Dora made another new friend, Milly.

Dora & Milly.

And another new dog to meet, Rua.

Dora & her owner on the beach.

What a little cutie-pie!

Dora learning to swim.

For Dora's second pack walk, she decided to hang with Nekita.

She loved Nekita this day!

Dora practicing some basic obedience with another client.

Caravaggio & Dora helping teach Lena how to play.

Dora & Lena.

Dora is a smart girl, she falls very quickly into the pack.
We look forward to many more pack walks with Dora...
I see her becoming very useful in helping teach future pack members.


  1. Wow that is a very nice dog what type of dog breed is that just what I was looking for in my next dog.

  2. Wow that is a very nice dog what type of dog breed is that just what I was looking for in my next dog.

  3. Dora is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.