Monday, November 12, 2012

Pack Walk

Many times in training dogs, one of the best things you can do to help curb many behavior problems or dog issues is take your dogs on a real pack walk.  It is important to use balanced dogs to create your pack.  I am very happy to be able to use my own two dogs, Caravaggio & Nekita, in the pack walk.  They help get dogs motivated, but also help teach them manners.  Many times most dogs newly introduced into a balanced pack will automatically follow and mimic their new pack members.  Such Good Dogs recently has had several adventures at Honolua Bay, following the trails through the pineapple fields.  Caravaggio & Nekita enjoy teaching new pack members what fun it is to run through the fields, but also teach them to listen to the pack leader (myself) in common commands.  The biggest obedience cue I practice on pack walks with new dogs is "Come" when called.  Of course we always go with safety first and new dogs are placed on a long line leash so there is no chance of an accidental escape.  Using a long line is a great way to introduce your dog to a bit more freedom, but be able to still always be in control.  Using the long line is a precursor to being allowed off leash.

Below are some pictures from our many recent pack walk trips to Honolua Bay.

Toby with Caravaggio.

Chloe, Caravaggio, & Dora

Dora & Chloe became fast friends.
They are about the same size and only 6 months apart in age.

This is an excellent example of what a good pack walk looks like.

Chloe having fun with the ears up.

Caravaggio, Dora, & Chloe

Both Chloe & Dora loved following SGDs into the tall grass.

This is Lena with Caravaggio on her first pack walk.
Lena was a little nervous the first half of the walk.
You can see her nervous energy in the way she is holding herself here.

As the walk progressed Lena became more and more calm.

Dora decided Nekita was her buddy for this pack walk.

Lena's dad got to practice some basic obedience with Dora also.

Lena calmed down even more and made friends.

Dora & Lena playing.

Look at Lena's body language now...
much more relaxed.
There is even a smile on her face.

Lena & Dora taking time out to enjoy the view :)

Near the end of the walk, Lena became much more comfortable and joined the pack.

Success!!  Pack walk!

Lena finally enjoying the fields, relaxed and happy, running with the pack.

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