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Dog Tricks--Dog Apps/ Reference & Help

Dog Tricks

Iphone Apps for Dogs/ Dog Reference & Help
Updated:  December 12, 2012

This app is a great one to add to your phone.  This app includes several helpful features.  Included in the "Tricks" section is a list of things to teach your dog with pictures and instructions on how to do so.  This list includes both basic training (such as sit and come) and trick training (such as dance).

Also included in this app is a "Search" section where you can search different dog breeds and read basic information on each breed.  A very helpful reference.

I would highly recommend this app to any dog owner.  Keep in mind that the instructions given within the app are a basic overview of each command or trick.  If you are having a hard time training your dog on basic things like sit and come when called, this app may offer some assistance, but professional training help is recommended.  For those owners who have a good grasp on basic obedience and want to add a few tricks, I would highly recommend this app.

Pictures of the selected command or behavior.
Hit the info button to get the description of how to do this.

The "Search" section of this app.
You can search dog breeds and get basic information of each breed.

Finally, the Dog Tricks app includes a "Bark Machine" section.
This is similar to many dog bark apps.
Each button makes a different noise to tease your dog.

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