Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trainer Tips--Stinky Treats

Remember...when using treats in positive reinforcement training, they should be soft and stinky.  You want treats that are soft so that they are easily broken up into small pieces.  We can sometimes use a lot of treats during a short, one-hour training session, and we want to keep our pets healthy, so keep the pieces small.  Secondly, make sure you are using treats that are stinky.  Dogs like strong smelling, stinky treats.  The worse it smells to you, probably the better it smells to your dog.  You want a treat that the dog really likes and will work hard to get. treats should always be soft and stinky!

Here is an example of a good variety:
regular bacon dog treats, cheese, and turkey.
What works for your dog will depend on your dog's tastes.
Start with the low value (dog treat), and work your way up.
Always have a good variety of treats ready to try for your training session.

Treats should be cut into very small pieces.

Training treats should be smaller than the size of a dime.

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