Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Breed of the Month--Havanese


Color:  All colors
Height:  8.5-11.5 inches
Weight:  7-14 lbs
Life Span:  13-15 years

Breed Health Concerns:  Ear infections, progressive retinal atrophy, juvenile cataracts, congenital deafness, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation.

Coat:  Double coat.  woolly undercoat/ soft, long, flat or curly outercoat.
Country of Origin:  Cuba

Visit the American Kennel Club for breed standards and more information.

Brought from Europe to Cuba in the 17th century, that Havanese is a descendant of a Bichon-type dog.    During the 18th & 19th centuries, the Havanese became a favorite of aristocrats in Cuba.

The Havanese is fond of everyone.  This breed is intelligent and outgoing, and gets along with with all types of pets and people of all ages.  The Havanese has been long associated with being a cherished companion dog.

I had the pleasure of meeting a cute little member of this breed, and I must say, I was quite taken by him!  Cute and cuddly, the Havanese I met made adorable little cooing noises at me to get my attention and love.  Amazing little dogs that I would highly recommend for any dog owner!

The Havanese is always excited to accompany his family anywhere and enjoys socialization and regular exercise.  A good daily walk will keep this breed happy.

The Havanese's long hair needs a lot of regular attention.  Many non-show dog, pet owners, clip their Havanese's hair short.  The hair of this breed rarely sheds and must be brushed out to prevent clots.  Because the Havanese does shed very little, they make an ideal choice for people with allergies.  Special attention should be taken to make sure the hair around the eye stays clean and free from infections.

The Havanese loves any interaction with his family and therefore thrives on training.  Using positive training methods, this breed learns basic obedience and tricks with ease.


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