Thursday, June 22, 2017

Devo & the evil hand fan

Video of the Day:
Devo attacks evil hand fan.

It is summer and it is hot, so one afternoon I decided to break the hand fan to assist in my cooling needs.  I opened it and started fanning myself and Devo began barking and giving me a strange look.  I guess the fan must be evil.  What you see in the video is me having a little fun with Devo.  He made me laugh pretty hard.  But it is very important that if your dog does react like this to a strange object, you teach your dog not to fear the object.  After this video (I wish we would have kept recording), I had Devo come and practice a "Touch" with the fan closed and open.  I placed the fan on the couch so he could come over and touch it and sniff it and know that there is actually nothing to fear from this strange object he had not encountered before.  
If your dog is fearful of things, practicing "Touch" training can be very helpful for them to overcome their fears.

More on teaching the "Touch" command coming soon.

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