Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Socialization with Lucy & Yoshi: Video of the Day

Video of the Day:
Socialization for Lucy & Yoshi.

Both Lucy & Yoshi are reactive around dogs they do not know.  They will bark and lunge.  Today we are working on basic social behaviors.  If you have a dog that is reactive and barks and/or lunges at other dogs, people, or objects, this video can help.  Whenever your dog reacts negatively to something, mark the unwanted behavior with an "Uh-uh" or "Uh-oh" and move the dog away in the opposite direction.  Once the dog calms down a bit, go back towards whatever made them react.  If the dog reacts negatively again, repeat the "Uh-Uh" and move away.  The distance a dog can be to an object without reacting is what we call the threshold.  What we do with this kind of training is work on decreasing that threshold.

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