Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Devo!

Devo turns ONE YEAR OLD today!  Happy Birthday to our baby!
Devo is a Miniature Pincher/ Chihuahua mix.  He was adopted from Maui Humane Society.
Devo is certified as a Service Dog and regularly assists in SGDs training and activities.

Devo helping nervous dog Emmy come out of her shell.

Devo with Emmy (& Caravaggio).

Adam working with Devo in our Level 2 training class.

Devo working as a Service Dog at Costco.

As a tradition, I have gotten and will get all my dog's paws tattooed on me.  The logo I use for my business is actually the first three paws I have tattooed on me (2 of those dogs we still currently have...Nekita & Caravaggio).  Each dog's paw was put on our scanner and copied so that I could get an exact paw print of that dog.
So to celebrate Devo's first birthday, I added his paw print to my collection.  I am very proud and excited to show them off!

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