Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chew Toys

Chew toys are a very important thing to have for your dog.  Proper chew toys provide mental stimulation, satisfy a dog's chewing need, exercise their teeth and gums, and expend energy.  What type of chew toy is right for your dog should be based on the dog's activity level, size, and sometimes breed.  Remember to supervise your pet when giving new chew toy items.  Some bones may cause choking if not properly chosen for size and type.

One of the best chew toys I have found is the Kong bones made to stuff yummy treats into.  These are great to help keep your dog occupied while he gets something delicious.  I highly recommend one of these for someone having trouble with chewing behaviors.  They also make many kinds of pastes you can put into the chew toy, flavored just for dogs.  Kongs are made of 100% natural rubber, are non-toxic, puncture resistant, and come in many varieties.

Other chew toys that might work for you include:  natural bones, rawhide, edible velvet bones, Nylabone, cow hooves (these can get stinky), and cow & pig ears.

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