Monday, December 15, 2014

Dog Beauty Salon--Dog Apps/ Game

Dog Beauty Salon

iPhone Apps for Dogs/ Dog Game
Released:  July 31, 2013

This is the perfect app for young kids who want to "take care of a pet."  With this app, you can give your dog a bath, give vet care, play with toys, and play dress up.

Although this game is very cute, it is necessary to buy "add-ons" often to continue.  The $0.99 version of the game will only allow you to play with the Bath and limited dress up options.  To buy additional actions like toys and vet care will cost you another $1.99 each.  Each additional clothing option for the dress up will also cost you $1.99.  

Overall this is definitely a game for children.  Adults will not find it holds their attention.  But if you have kids who love dogs and can afford the extra add-on costs, I believe this is an excellent game for your child.  Plus it has the added bonus of teaching a child how to care for a pet.  This app will also send you updates that your dog needs a bath or some sort of attention...something I think the kids will enjoy.


Dress up.

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