Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Lahaina Dog Training Class Starts January 3rd

Lahaina Dog Training Class starting soon…

Fridays 4:30-5:30 p.m.
January 3rd -- February 7th

This is a beginner class for dogs and their owners.  Dogs of all ages are welcome to join, provided they are up-to-date on Parvo and Distemper shots.  This is a 6-week class, one hour per week.  Each week you will learn something new to practice with your dog.  Basic Manners Dog Training is taught using positive reinforcement methods, combined with energy balance.

Cost for the class:  $150 CASH
Basic Manners Class includes:

*Marker Words
*No Reward Marker
*Come when called
*Watch Me/ Look
*Loose Leash Walking 
*Impulse Control 
*Sit & Auto-sit
*Drop It
*Leave It

If you are interested in the class, please contact us with:  your name, phone number, email, and name, age, and breed of your dog.

Start your new year off the right way with a new positive outlook on life, and dog life.  Plus, everyone makes friends in dog training class.
(Kahiko & Dora, above left)

Berkeley & Sophie.

Splash & Eku.

Liko, Beau, & Hiccup.

These ladies actually switched dogs 
and loved each other's pups up after class one day.

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