Friday, April 27, 2012

Minnesota Horse Expo 2012

My aunt and uncle in Wisconsin have always had horses, so every year they come to the Minnesota Horse Expo held at the State Fair grounds.

As I do every year, I took my youngest dog, Caravaggio (or Vaggy as we call him most of the time).  It's important to socialize your dogs AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!  Even as your dog gets older, it's important to keep giving them many new experiences so they can learn to be comfortable in any situation.

Although they do allow dogs onto the fair grounds for the event, they do not allow dogs inside the horse barns or coliseum.  I would recommend to most families if you're going to the event and want to see all they have to offer, to leave your dogs at home.  However, if you're like me and you want to go to such an event to look at things for sale (they have all kinds of dog stuff as well), have a day with your dog, and hang out with some good people, I highly recommend bringing your pup along.

It's a great place to introduce your dog to all kinds of new things.  (Please note you should never bring an aggressive dog to any such event).

The Minnesota Horse Expo is held the last weekend in April every year.  Try and check it out next year!

Below is a picture of Caravaggio and myself next to a pony.  He was only a few inches shorter :)

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