Sunday, December 19, 2010

Squeaky Toys

Squeaky Toys are probably the most popular dog toy.  There are tons of different types, sizes, and varieties of squeaky toys that can be purchased almost anywhere.  These toys have a high pitched squeaker that makes noise to attract the dog.  Dogs also like squeaky toys because it reminds them of noises small animals might make.  Squeaky toys can be very helpful for dogs in obedience training that are not food motivated.  Although these toys are great for being easy cleaning, take care not to let your dog use these toys as a chew toy.  Many dogs like to "kill" squeaky toys by ripping them apart, pulling out stuffing, and destroying the toy.  The small pieces that will be chewed apart can cause choking or a blockage if swallowed.  Always remember to pick up and throw away toys that have been destroyed or are falling apart.  Keep your dog safe.

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